Monday, April 27, 2015

Kauri Hub Buddy Reading.

Mā te tuakana te teina e tōtika, Mā te teina te tuakana e tōtika (The older will lead the younger and the younger will lead the older)

Kauri Hub are reading across the rooms every Monday to foster tuakana teina relationships.

WALT read aloud

Success Criteria:  What will I see/hear my buddy doing?
  • I will read with someone at a different year level if possible.
  • I will be able to hear my buddy read clearly out loud.
  • I will read with good pace...not too slow.
  • I will make sure my voice has interesting expression so that my buddy enjoys my reading aloud.
  • I will look at my buddies text while they are reading out loud to me and have my book shut.
  • My buddy needs to let me see their book.

WALT give compliments and feedback

2 Stars and a wish
(2 compliments on the success criteria and one thing that your 
buddy needs to improve on)

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