Sunday, June 21, 2015

Measurement: Planning the Tramp

Planning the Tramp

In this task, I took the following information out: the average speed, the scale with the distance operationalised, rates info relating to average speed and the rest break times.
Why? because I wanted to  so to speak, "open the task up" and create more real, authentic learning opportunities with a focus on problem solving and the strategies used therein. I wanted them to think more and ask/create Questions to find out useful information that could help them solve this.

So the students themselves made decisions about this stuff and let them go for it. Along the way we had some interesting discussions about how long the tramp would take. Having calculated how long the tramp would take based on their own measures they had calculated that the tramp would take between 17 to 20 hours, this of course, created much debate about whether or not this was practical and/or realistic to achieve in a day. Further discussions were then created about which measure would have to change.

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