Sunday, September 06, 2015

Room 12 Assembly Item

Room 12 performed a Reader's Theater in front of Parkvale School for their assembly item last Friday, we performed 'The Animal Band' which is a retell of the story 'Musicians of Bremen'.  
We had to think carefully about speaking clearly, speaking loudly, speaking together and with expression.  
Congratulations to Kaedyn Beazley for being awarded the PRIDE award for achieving our success criteria.
Check out our was very cool how much effort everyone made to look like their character.

Lachlan, Max, Liam, Boston, Tayla
Nathan,  Kaedyn, Jack and Ella
'The Robbers'

Ruby H, Emma, Sienna and Terenzo
'The Cats'
Teague, Beau and Thomas
'The Readers'

Jasmine, Kalae, Declan and Jaden
'The Dogs'
'The Narrator'
Jerome, Brad and Daniel
'The Roosters'
Ruby L, Kady and Henrietta
'The Donkeys' and Kady was a Narrator too!


  1. Hi Room 12. I really wish that I was there to but I was away in Auckland. But you guys were probably Gloryupmtious!!!

  2. wow that was a very fun day it was awsome i liked doing the play :)

  3. Well done Room 12! I loved your assembly item and i thought you all used great expression and volume!

  4. Hi Room 12! I know that you where all trying your best for the adults to hear way at the back of the hall.I liked how all the readers used lots of expression when they spoke Well Done Room 12!

  5. Hi room 12 I really like all of you're dress up
    You did really good everyone was amazing