Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Blogs as Learning Journeys

Blogs as Learning Journals

I am in the process of developing the idea of blogs as personal reflections of each student's learning journey. It is intended that they not only highlight a student's learning, but that they also show how we learn in room 10 through discussion, learning conversations, self assessment, peer assessment, teacher feedback ... It is hoped that the blogs will show how both me and the students respond to the evidence of our learning. And that this approach will gradually prepare them to take on more ownership of their learning.

Join us on our learning journey.

Our focus:

What does our learning look like, sound like, feel like....? 
Activating our prior knowledge
Practising our x 5 strategies to solve a word problem.

What we did?

  • One person in our video videoed our learning, paying attention to how we solved the task (pics of the task should be posted on student blog). He had to interview others about their learning and report back about how the learning looked, sounded .... 

  • In this group we watched the video and shared/discussed our learning: both process (the learning) and content (the task)
  • the students showed their strategies and learning to each other and wondered if there were different ways to solve the problem. They had to feedback to each other and me about this - not recorded :(  
  • Then they had to think about their learning which included highlighting a part each found challenging and thought they themselves had to improve upon. 
  • Some realised they needed to practise on their x1 thing to improve, whereas others were ready 'to move on', but not b4 I checked in through learning conversations with how each of them solved some 'on the spot' problems.

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