Saturday, March 14, 2015

Geometry & Fractions Rich Task

Bobby had collection 48 pictures of superheroes that could be described using fractions.  His superheroes were also mapped out on a poster that could be described using translation, rotation and reflection.  Create the design.

What we are doing

We co-constructed the following criteria, Mr Kenny presented and we had input, we changed it a little bit.


  • use 48 superhero symbols
  • 1 row must show translation
  • 1 row must show reflection
  • 1 row must show rotation
  • any other rows = your choice of 1 of the above
  • each row must be the same superhero symbol

To think about

I wonder what an array is?

Some pics to show what this looks like

Displaying IMG_20150304_142428.jpg  Displaying IMG_20150304_142251.jpg  Displaying IMG_20150304_142248.jpg

Displaying IMG_20150310_122151.jpg  Displaying IMG_20150310_122015.jpg  Displaying IMG_20150306_121736.jpg

Some of our arrays didn't line up perfectly, but it didn't matter 'cause we understood what an array was and beside which as Mr Kenny kept on saying "the LEARNING PROCESS isn't always perfect and it doesn't have to be either" - Oh Boy ! was this was a real learning curve for some of us.

Some videos to show what our learning looks like, sounds like and feels like

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