Thursday, July 30, 2015

Nga Toi ki a Parkvale Kura

Kia ora koutou

What an awesome morning we had with our buddy classes Room 5 and 8 on the Amazing Art Trail created by Mrs Hill. KIA ORA MRS HILL! WE WERE ART DETECTIVES!

We had the enjoyable job of helping our junior buddies read, understand and follow clues with a map to find all the wonderful art at our school. Luckily Room 11 had already completed the task the days before so we could fully concentrate on helping our junior buddies with the same task.

Mrs Lowe had made our task quite digi as we had to bring up the document of clues on an I-Pad. We read, followed instructions, recorded the answers to the tasks and took photos of the art we found. Returning back to class, we then had to choose an app to creatively share our learning which was 

For some of us, the second part was challenging. Anyway,  here is one of the Pic Collages of the art found on the Trail.


  1. Awesome Room 11. I spotted you all exploring our art around Parkvale. You all looked like you were working so well together and enjoying yourselves.

  2. I love the photos and they look like awesome buddies and i loved the art trail when my teacher and buddies done it and i hop your buddies loved it.

  3. That was so fun doing the art trail.I liked how everyone was working as a team.